C/ Pla d'Urgell, 1
25142 Bellvís (LLEIDA)
Tel.: 973 56 51 87
GPS: N 41º40'7", E 0º48'52"



Senior Bellvís elderly home was designed to the last detail to make everyday life easier for residents, with large, bright and comfortable facilities. The center is divided into several living units, each of whom people with health and related health care needs live. It also has a module for the care of people with Alzheimer's with a dining room and living room of their own.
The facility has over 5250 square meters buildings and gardens, all in a plot of 3,000 square meters, with closed and controlled access.

Next to the building there is a landscaped park with more than 6,500 square meters, beside the municipal equipment as swimming pools, football pitch and sports pavilion.

Opening Date: 17 September 2009
Number of places: 100 residential and 20 day care center

Pla d'Urgell
Street, #1
25142 Bellvís (Lleida) SPAIN